(360ml) Maxvue Max OptiFresh bioplus Disinfecting Multipurpose Solution


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Premium Disinfecting Multi Purpose Solution that gives Double Moisturizing effect with Natural Lubricant found in your eyes.、

Max OptiFresh bioplus is a multi-purpose solution formulated using naturally occurring lubricant in your eyes.

It forms a lubricating shield surrounding the lens which gives a lasting comfort and prevents moisture loss from your contact lenses all day long. It safeguards your lenses and eyes from germs by properly disinfecting them, removing protein & lipids and balances pH to match healthy tears. In addition, Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) will assist in protecting the corneal surface and reducing ocular surface damage.

Bioplus seal/Double Moisturising Effect :
Sodium hyaluronate with HPMC forms a lubricating shield on the lens. Keeps in moisture, lubricates and coats the surface of the lens which conditions lens and seals in moisture and slowly release it throughout the day.

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