HOGERN EYE LOTION Unidose Eyedrop (0.50ml x 10 Pcs)


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Pack size: 0.50ml x 10pcs 1 pcs can be used for 2 day worth save it on the container on drop

HOGERN EYE LOTION is a sterile eye prepartion, lubircating eye drop which keeps the eye surface moist and wet.  A product that truly benefits eyeverone in many ways.

HOGERN EYE LOTION preservative free minidose is a very safe and preferred choice to combat dry and irritated eyes in just a couple of minutes.  It refreshes and relieves eyes fatigue.  Hogern eye lotion contains no preservative and therefore is suitable for everyone.

For temporary relief of burning, irritations and discomfort due to dryness of eye. May be used as a protection against further irritation.

Instill 1 or 2 drops to the eye as needed. Discard solution and strip after us.

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