Esoform Esoxide Peroxide Solution (360ml)


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ESOFORM ESOXIDE is a sterile solution containing stabilized hydrogen peroxide (3%), as an active ingredient, with disodiumEDTA, sodium chloride and buffer. It is a Medical Device, supplied together with an accessory: lens case with a platinum catalyst disc to neutralize peroxide solution.


ESOXIDE is suitable for all contact lens kinds, except colored lenses. With the use of the lens case and platinum neutralizing disc, this solution not only disinfects, cleans and removes proteins and dirty deposits but also, when used on a regular basis, guarantees complete sterilization of lenses.



Keep the product out of reach of children. Do not ingest. Do not use with colored lenses. Do not use tap water to rinse lenses. Always use saline solution.

ESOXIDE shouldn’t come in contact with eyes because it causes serious irritations: in this case, rinse thoroughly with tap water for a few minutes. Consult your specialist before using any ophthalmix=c medicines while wearing contact lenses. Carefully read the instruction leaflet.



Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, EDTA 0.03%, Phosphate buffer solution, Natrium chloride, Excipient and Purified water.


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